This is a reasonable and a excellent typing lesson website. We can learn so mush from here. I should continue and same to you. I will achieve the certificate.
Henry Ng User

I am so glad my technology teacher let's us on Alfa Typing. I have become a way better typer and can finally type instead of pecking over the keyboard. I am also happy that I can now type at 32 words per minute so that I can reply to my messages on Facebook faster Thanks Mrs. Greene your the best Tech teacher in the U.S
Tyshekia Waples Student
North Dorchester Middle School

This website is supa easy and I completed all my lessons and also I am progressing in my typing skills. Yay me!!!
DeAsia Hodges Student

I am glad Alfa typing exists because it has helped me sooo much and has improved my typing skills thnxs so much Alfa typing :)
Cassidy Rodriguez Student

I really like this site, its just that I finished it too quickly and i got my touch typing certificate in a month. Other than that a really good site. I like alpa typing.
Millikan Middle

I,personally have improved my skills in typing not only fast,but without looking at the keyboard.
Olivia Dean
Lamar Highschool

This really helped me. When I started, I could only do 22 wpm and now I am up to 57!
Karissa Mckee Student

This program is very easy to do and a very useful program for beginners. I however, don't exactly need it. My school makes us use this program, though. So I can at least bear with it. It's okay. Not the best, but okay.
Homing Ng Student

We are moving into our 3rd year of using AlfaTyping at our school. The students need to do 5 lessons a week (do them, not pass them) for homework. They start in 6th grade, with the goal being to pass by the end of 8th grade. We have had good results. It is an easy, accessible way for them to learn to keyboard. Thanks!
CVA Tech Teacher
Cyber Village Academy

this website really helped me after a lot of time and I also got a good grade.
cameron blandford Student
yulee middle

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