Alfatyping is a really cool and useful website, it helped me improve my accuracy and general speed. I have the "Professional Typist" certificate. Thanks.
Jeffrey Snyder Student

This is such a helpful website and typing program. I have grown as a typist and can't wait to learn more in the future. :)
Gabby E Student

This site is very helpful, and after only a couple weeks of using it, I can see a lot of improvement in my typing
Aaditya Lal Student

This website is hard, and challenging. The one good thing about it? In my school, it's a competition. :D
Max Bowles Student
Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy, NYC

This website is great because it helps improve your typing speed and is a great time killer!
Nicholas McKinley Student
Rosenale Intermediate, Rosendale WI

I can type so much faster now. but alfa typing did not do all of the work. I also use but alfa typing was the first to get me started. I have been doing alfa typing since I was in kindergarten. alfa typing has been the one typing website that I can always rely on. when I had trouble spelling my mom went to my school and asked what I could do. they said to try a typing website
Lilly M. Student
amber hill lane 4727

This helped me type so much faster then I started. I stared with 13 wpm, now I type at 60 wpm. Thanks Alfatyping! You rock!
Gabriel Johnson Student
Boys Latin Middle School

This online typing program is very helpful to me as a student and should be very helpful to others. Even though i have just begin my lessons on this website, it already have a great influence on me. I thank my I.T teacher for telling the students and I about this website. I highly recommend students, teachers, anyone to use this online program. Soon you will be finding yourself typing without even looking at the keyboard.
Hailey Neckles Student
The Anglican High School, Grenada

This website is very good. Those who likes to type should use this website. Even those who is an expert should do this. There are many challenges to do. I highly recommend those to use this website
sung lim Student
Moore West Jr. High

This site is such a great help to me , it teaches me a lot of techniques on typing faster. Thanks Alfa typing!!
Joseph Ross Student
Ferris High School

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