just got my first two passes :) YASSSSSSS!!!! ^.^
Morgan Boothe Student

alfatyping helped me increase my typing speed;)
Chandler Rather Student
Jack Robey Jr High School

This website is great. It gets harder and harder, and I don't even notice. Even though I'm only on the fifth lesson two I don't type with two fingers. I would recommend this site to anyone, even if they're good at typing but just want to improve.
Neria Zhang User

This site has revolutionized the way that I now type. I highly recommend it. It works very well and will be of great use to you.
widlu dieujuste
Freedom High School Tampa FL

This site is awesome and it has been a great help for me, and now i am prepared for my EDPM practicals touch typing exams in the Caribbean, i'm sure to pass, all thanks to this website, now i can type very well with a good speed!! i recommend this site for those who're stuck on two fingers, you will be impressed with yourself after a while using this site.
kisslyn echelon joseph patterson
The Anglican High School, Grenada

I like this website because it helps me by typing faster
Dakota B Student
scranton high school

This is a very good website, but I'm starting to learn better. Thanks Mrs. White for finding this website
Mclane Middle School

This online typing is very helpful to me as a student. It gives me the focus to keep going on with the games and the test.
TJ Lewis Student
Beverly Magnet School

Alfatyping has helped me a lot to improve my typing skills and now I can type faster then before with the correct method.
shalini doraisingam Student

A very good program for teachers and for their students. I support this very much. Good thing I found this site. :)
Jeriel Landingin Teacher

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