Learn or Teach How To Type with 10 fingers

TypingLessonsFree.com offers you following free tutorials to learn touch typing:

  • Beginner typist: can type small letters at the speed of 20 WPM;
  • Touch typist: can type all letters, numbers and most symbols at the speed of 40 WPM;
  • Professional for typing job: can type all letters, numbers and symbols at the speed of 60 WPM;
  • Expert typist - 100 WPM;
  • Add-On course: Typing Russian Letters.

Try Sample Lesson to test our tutorial.

How lessons work:

This is how you see your progress: what is your next lesson, what was your previous lesson and your results - typing speed and accuracy:

Typing Tutorials Window

Please, note that each lesson has recommended WPM and accuracy.

Although, it is highly recommended to follow lesson order, you can choose any lesson within the scope of selected tutorial.

Using right fingers to press right keys is a key to learn touch-typing. This is why at the beginning of each lesson you will see hint – which finger to use to press certain key on the keyboard.

Typing lesson starting window

User has 10 seconds to place right fingers over the right keys. After countdown ends lesson starts automatically. If you do not want to wait, simply click start button to start the lesson immediately. In addition, you can pause, restart, or exit the lesson at any time.

If you make typing error, it is visible immediately and you can use Backspace key to fix the error.

How text is displayed during typing lesson

As soon as last symbol typed on lesson window, you will be redirected back to main page where you will see lesson result in last lesson section.

The final exam of selected tutorial will not be accessible until you achieves recommended results of all typing lessons in this tutorial. As soon as all requirements met, Final Examination page will allow user to take the exam, upon completion of which user receives corresponding typing certificate.