"Beginner typist" typing tutorial

Can type only small English letters at the speed of 20-AWPM (average words per minute)

“Beginner typist” tutorial designed for those who is just beginning to learn how to type on the keyboard. After completing this tutorial user will be able to type all small English letters and few symbols like “.”, “,” and “;” without looking at the keyboard.

Tutorial contains from ten typing lessons where each introduces new letters or symbols, few practices and tests to prove ground and the final exam, totaling up to 20 typing exercises.

Every lesson, practice and test has speed and accuracy requirements, which increases from one lesson to the next progressively. For example, first lesson has speed requirement of 10 WPM, while last requires 20 WPM.

Achieving these requirements are mandatory in order to be able to take the final exam.

The final exam has speed and accuracy requirement: 20-WPM (words per minute) with 95% of accuracy, upon achieving of which user receives “Beginner typist” certificate.

If you a new user to AlfaTyping.com, we recommend you to read first about how typing lessons works.

Table of contents of “Beginner Typist” tutorial:

  1. Learn "a", "s", "l" and ";" keys
  2. Learn "d", "f", "j" and "k" keys
  3. Home row keys practice
  4. Learn "g" and "h" keys
  5. Learn "t" and "y" keys
  6. Random Words Practice
  7. Learn "e" and "i" keys
  8. Learn "r" and "u" keys
  9. Random Words Practice
  10. Random Words Test
  11. Increase your typing speed!
  12. Learn "q", "w", "o" and "p" keys
  13. Learn "v", "b", "n" and "m" keys
  14. Random Words Practice
  15. Random Sentences Test
  16. Increase your typing speed!
  17. Learn "x", "c", "," and "." keys
  18. Learn "z" and apostrophe ( ' ) keys
  19. Random Words Practice
  20. Final test "Beginner typist"

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