Thank you alfa typeing you helped me do so many things when typing my highest score in 6 grade so far is 50 wpm. I feel so good when i complete a leson.

Barnes Bailey
Barnes Bailey Student

I love this website it helped me with tying so much more than I ever thought it would! Thanks Alfa typing!
Max Fillmore Student
Deerfield Elementry

Alfatyping is great! When i pass a test i feel like i got an A in school. I have never felt so good with any other typing program. I hope everyone in the future will LOVE alfatyping
Ashley Wilson Student

I am a WAY! better now thanks to alfatyping. I can type 72 wpm now.THANKS ALFATYPING!
brain stuhlsatz User

I love you AlfaTyping I went from 13 wpm to 45 wpm 100% accuracy !!!!!! Thank you I love typing now!!!!!!
alex lopez
millikan Middle school

thanks alfa typingi went from 16wpm to 33wpm!! yay so good ,im proud of myself as well..
Shn tyrria Grayer Student

this is awesome thanks alfatyping
brain stuhlsatz User

Thank you alfa typing now i can type 50 wpm

I love alfatyping! I have made such progress from the start of the school year. Alfatyping is a lifesaver and a timesaver! It takes me less time to type up a paper now that i can type really fast! I LOVE ALFATYPIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Wilson Student

Thanks ALFA TYPNG I can type up to 50 words per minute on the first one
Alfa typing helped me learn how to improve my typing speed and accuracy.I used to type with one hand, and didn't know where the keys were, but alfa typing helped me fix that problem. Before alfa typing I could only type 6 words per minute, but now I can type37 words per minute
Matthew Buhler Student

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