This site has made me personally a way BETTER typer! This site is very fun and entertaining. Thankyou alfatyping!! :)
Lauren Danahy User

Thanks Alfatyping because before I want this I didn't know how to type the numbers real well, but now I got a lot better. Thanks again alfatyping. :)
Vincent Chau Student
Madison Mustangs

This website is hard but it made me a better typer. I have learned so much from this site.
kara heimerman

Thank You Alfa Typing!

thanks alfa typing!you helped me so much!i can reach 23 wpm now!
Sam Herger Student

Alfa typing helped me learn how to improve my typing speed and accuracy.I used to type with one hand, and didn't know where the keys were, but alfa typing helped me fix that problem. Before alfa typing I could only type 6 words per minute, but now I can type37 words per minute

My typing speed is getting stronger. On dec.7 I got 27 wpm my fingers are may getting tierd but im still doing good! :]

Carson Robbins Student

this is a pretty fun typing game and i went from doing 16wpm to doing around 40 wpm
Kyle Babneau Student
firth idaho firth middle school

i can type 68 wpm now because of alfa typing

alpha typing is awsome for me, last week I got 21 speed and 100% accracy on test 12 thank you =)
Carson Robbins Student

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