Typing training classes for Teachers

What can typing teachers do?

1. Create unlimited typing classes.
2. Manage (create/add/edit/remove) unlimited students in each class.
3. Track all students' results from one central dashboard.
4. Create your own custom courses or use default typing tutorial with 60 typing lessons.

How do I become a typing teacher?

In order to become a typing teacher, you need to create a new regular account (if you do not have one) or sign in using your existing account. Then, change your TYPE to Teacher on the My Profile page.

Please, note that you can change your TYPE from Teacher back to User only when you do not have any active classes.

How do I create a typing class?

After switching to the TEACHER mode, two new pages will become available: Typing classes and Typing courses. On the Typing classes page you can create, edit or remove typing classes.

To create a typing class, you need to provide a title and a password. The class username will be generated automatically. Class username and password will be used by students to log in to their typing classes. Please, read "How do students log in?" section for more information.
You can edit, deactivate/activate or remove the class at any time (no one can sign in to the class if it is not active).

How do I add students to my class?

There are two methods for adding students to a class: either create a new student account using the "Add Student" section or Invite if the student has an account.

When you create a new account using "Add student", you need to provide only the first and the last names and the desired username. If do not provide a username, it will be generated automatically. Please, note that students do not use their usernames and passwords to sign in (by default; this can be changed later) - they use the login credentials of the class.

Teachers can edit students' information or move a students from one class to another at any time.

How do students log in?

Each class has its own login name and password. Students can use the login name and password to log in. After logging in, students will see the list of all students in the class and can choose their names to complete the login process.

How do I create my own typing course?

A typing course is a set of typing lessons in which students learn typing step by step. Alfatyping.com offers a default typing course consisting of 60 typing lessons. If you have your own method or want to create a more complicated typing tutorial for your more advanced classes, you can create your own typing course.

First, create a new typing course, then start adding typing lessons to the course.

How do I modify requirements of typing lessons for different levels of students?

In this page you can step-by-step instructions how to modify WPM and Accuracy requirements for typing lessons Adjusting requirements of WPM and Accuracy of typing lessons.