Adjusting WPM and Accuracy of typing lessons

Teachers often asks us following question:

"Is it possible to change to WPM requirements for the levels? I am using AlfaTyping with elementary students. The recommendations that I am finding say that 3rd grade students should type 10-15 words per minute. Level 1 requires 16 and Level 3 requires 20 wpm. My students are really struggling to even pass the first level. They are getting very discouraged! I'd like to lower the WPM requirement to encourage them. Thanks!!"

Our answer is "Yes, it is possible".

Here are step-by-step instructions how to do it:

    Create new typing course by copying lessons from another typing course
  1. Go to "My Typing Courses"
  2. Click "Create new course"
  3. Name your course
  4. Make sure status is "Active"
  5. IMPORTANT: Choose desired course in section "Copy lessons from another course".
  6. Click ADD
    Changing requirements of typing lessons
  1. Go to "My Typing Courses"
  2. Click on the name (not edit icon!) of the course which you want to modify
  3. Now you see list of typing lessons
  4. Click Edit icon to modify WPM and Accuracy of each lesson
  5. Click UPDATE
    Assign typing course to typing class:
  1. Go to "Typing Classes"
  2. Click Edit icon (not on the name of the class!)
  3. Change course from "Default" to your new typing course
  4. Click UPDATE.

You can have many copies of our typing lessons adjusted for each and any level of your students.