What are "home row keys"?

The middle row of the keyboard is termed as "home keys" because typists are trained to keep their fingers on these keys and/or return to them after pressing a key out of the home row. Free typing tutorial online will guide you to use "home keys".

Home keys: A S D F  and J K L ;


What is A-WPM?

Adjusted words-per-minute (as known as A-WPM) formula, which means the number of words typed per minute is reduced (adjusted) when you make typing errors. To get better test results take into account your typing accuracy along with your typing speed. The formula: A-WPM = { Words - Errors } x [60/Elapsed Seconds]

Why A-WPM and not WPM?

When typing speed is measured using WPM formula typing accuracy also must be taken into account. For example, John's typing speed is 25 WPM with 95% accuracy. Using this method would be difficult to compare results between each other. We cannot say which one is better: 25 WPM and 95% Accuracy or 30 WPM with 90% of accuracy. We have introduced A-WPM formula where Accuracy is already included in WPM calculation to make comparing and grading easier: 25 A-WPM, 30 A-WPM and so on.

Can I learn typing without registration?

    Yes, you can, but with some limitations:
  • Your typing results will not be saved
  • Only "Beginner typist" tutor is available guest users
  • After passing typing test you will not receive typing certificate

Can I remove Ads from my students?

Currently no advertisements displayed during typing lessons to students of a classroom.

Is it possible to modify A-WPM requirements for typing tutorials for my students?

If you are teacher, create a custom typing tutor by copying from existing typing tutorial. Then you can modify any requirements of any any lesson. You can have any number of copies of tutorials for different levels of students.

For more information, please read Modifying A-WPM of typing tutors article.